Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bridges of Ross 2nd Sept 2012

Time: 06:45-11:45 & 14:00-20:20
Weather: F3 NW, some mist at sea (am). F1 W, overcast, good visibility & dry (pm).
Observer(s): Niall T. Keogh, John Cooper, Dave Cooper, Chris Jones, Rob Innes, Luc Barbaro et al.

Balearic Shearwater:  3
Sooty Shearwater: 627
Leach’s Petrel: 1
Storm Petrel: 30
Great Skua (Bonxie): 18
Pomarine Skua: 1 dark subadult
Arctic Skua: 7
Arctic Tern: 7
Sandwich Tern: 109
Puffin: 7

I took the morning & afternoon off today but missed the best Sooty & Sandwich Tern passage of the season so far as a result! Made it out in the evening to catch up with 55 Sooties, the Pom & the Leach’s Petrel which was a pleasant surprise. Rob & Chris kept tabs on the Sooty passage this morning, 300 of which went by in the first 2 hours alone.

Here's a few dodgy digiscope shots of a Bonxie & some Sooties...

Bonxie & Sooties  © Niall Keogh

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