Monday, 2 September 2013

Bridges of Ross 2nd Sept 2013

Time: 06:30-09:30 & 12:40-19:00
Weather: F4 W, dry, good visibility generally (sea mist in morning), overcast & warm.
Observers: Niall T. Keogh, Noel Keogh, Dave Cooper, John Cooper, Lee Gregory, Stewart Ford, Roy Teale, Joe Adamson, Darach Turley, John N. Murphy et al. 

Sooty Shearwater: 293
Manx Shearwater: 2,400+ in 3 hrs (pm)
Leach's Petrel: 3
Storm Petrel: 7
Common Scoter: 2
Great Northern Diver: 1 breeding plumage
Great Skua (Bonxie): 18
Pomarine Skua: 16 (15 pale phase & 1 dark phase)
Arctic Skua: 26
Long-tailed Skua: 1 adult (Lee Gregory)
Skua sp: 1 distant pale phase (prob Pom)
Sandwich Tern: 5
Arctic Tern: 12

Whimbrel: 1

Bottlenose Dolphin: 4

Another nice run of Skua passage early morning & later in the evening with Poms being the order of the day. The Great Northern Diver was the first of the season.

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