Monday, 6 July 2015

Roof-nesting gulls 2015: a request for records

In 2014, Dublin City Council in collaboration with BirdWatch Ireland established The Dublin City Urban Birds Project, initiating a series of volunteer-led monitoring projects throughout Dublin City including the roof-nesting gull survey which aims to map the distribution of gulls breeding in urban environments.

The roof-nesting gull survey has continued through the summer of 2015 and we are still looking for members of the public to submit their records of Herring Gulls (pale blue-grey back with pink legs), Lesser Black-backed Gulls (slate grey back with yellow legs) or Great Black-backed Gulls (black back with pink legs) that may be currently tending to well grown chicks.

Herring Gull at a typical urban nest site, located between chimney pots © Daragh Owens

Historical records are also appreciated, so if you have noticed any of the following breeding behaviour on the roof/chimney of your home or place of work this year or in previous years then please fill out the quick and easy roof-nesting gull survey form:

  • Pair of gulls holding territory/displaying at a suitable nest site
  • Agitated behaviour (alarm calling, dive bombing) displayed by adults
  • Adult seen sitting on a nest or brooding small chicks
  • Downy young seen at or near suitable nest site 

Records from other urban areas around Ireland are also welcome so if you have observed gulls breeding on rooftops in any town or city then please let us know.

Lesser Black-backed Gull with a well grown chick © Friends of Emsworth Wildlife

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